5 Gifts all Writers will Love and Appreciate

We are into the month of December now and the holidays are quickly approaching, and unfortunately you’re running out of ideas. You’ve gotten gifts for almost everyone on your list. All but one. The writer.

So, to help ease some of the stress in this chaotic month, I thought I would share some of my ideas for gift-giving to those lovely writer folks in your life.

Now, I think most people generally go straight to buying their favorite novel, or just wandering the bookstore aisles hoping to come across something that might be of interest for their friend, family member, spouse etc. This is a good start, I mean we all love a good book but I think it’s something that happens so often that it loses its spark. The next common thing that I think writers get as gifts are notebooks and pens, which I personally LOVE because I'm a hoarder of these things. I mean, my bedside table drawers are filled with at least ten different notebooks, and they all serve a very specific purpose. And, don't touch my pens or else you'll see a very angry young lady.

Unfortunately for gift-shoppers, these are everyday things we likely purchase anyway because we need them to be successful in our careers. We need pens, and notebooks, and even books to stay accustomed to our genre. I'm not saying that buying books or notebooks or pens are a bad idea because they're not, but I've decided to compile a list of things that a writer might be more excited to receive.

1. Functional and Customized Items

I think to this day I cherish the fountain pen my father gave me a few years back. It has my pen name engraved on it with beautiful cursive writing and it is something I hold dear to my heart. Not only is it functional for my writing, but to own something with my author name on it is truly special. In addition, something that can also be customized such as a paperweight/trinket for their desk which will offer inspiration when they are feeling stressed/disreputable/indifferent is a good route too. For me, I write a lot of mystical, magical things which incorporate precious stones so I have been looking into amethyst spheres for my desk top. But it can be anything really. It all depends on likes/interests and with this gift you can really show how much you know about a person.

2. Theme-Appropriate Decor

Décor items that can spice up the writers office/work space is another good option if maybe customizing things feels too personal. For a gift like this, I would suggest book ends. For starters, I'm almost positive that there are hundreds of different bookends floating around in the world, some even having the potential to be personalized. Additionally, they are a) useful to keep in place the millions of books that they already own, but they also add a certain flare to bookshelves that just might be the cherry on top they are looking for. 3. Vintage is the new Chic

The next item on my list is for those who enjoy scouring through old antique shops almost as much as I do, as well as don't mind shelling out some serious funds. A vintage typewriter can be a wonderful collection piece and I personally adore mine. I've used it on a number of occasions because it can be so inspiring to write on such an old-fashioned writing tool instead of just a regular old PC or hand writing. I have a Smith Corona, and they are pretty common and if you look in the right places you should be able to get your hands on one of them. In addition, the ribbon which most people think have been long erased from existence can be found at Staples, Michaels, or any old craft store really. Who knew, right?

4. Sturdy Bag to Hold Everything

If personalizing, matching décor, or searching through antique shops aren’t your strong suits, then perhaps you need something practical, this next gift idea is perfect for you. It also helps if you're tight on budget and just need something low key but still useful for a writer. Thus, you can’t go wrong with a good solid tote bag. I'm not talking about an insulated grocery bag, but something more on the lines of a canvas fabric with sturdy handles, so they can withstand a fair amount of weight. Speaking from experience, my bag embraces a Mary Poppins ambiance where it basically feels like it never ends. I mean, I carry around with me notebooks, pens (always getting my best ideas in the worst places), the book I am currently reading, my oversize laptop and who knows what else. So, it’s nice to have all of these things in one place and easily accessible because there are no pesky zippers or secret compartments for things to fall into.

5. Good Old-Fashioned Gift Card

Finally, if you're truly in a crunch and feel like none of those options are suitable for you, there is nothing wrong with popping into your local bookstore and just grabbing a quick gift card for them to run wild with. If you’re feeling like this is impersonal but also at the same time all you can do, gift wrapping can be your best friend at this point. DIY is what I would do, grab a little construction paper, some glue and glitter and make your own gift-card holder that they would have a good laugh at. There is nothing wrong with a little crafting session!

Thats it!

I hope that some of these ideas will work for you this 2017 holiday season, and if you come up with any ideas of your own feel free to leave a comment or message me because I would love to hear them!

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