"Do you want to know why I haven't killed you yet? I needed you to build a legacy."


As the newly crowned queen of Mostrica, Evelyn is expected to sit on the silver throne and rule. While it's not in her blood, or magic, to give up her life as a warrior, convincing the Royal Council to sanction a mission is impossible.


Still, staying out of her enemy's domain is not all bad. Evelyn knows her coven mates will remain safe as long as they don't leave the island. Or, so she thought. The barrier that was designed to protect the hidden kingdom might prevent witches from crossing its borders, but it can't keep out everything.


Admist the attempted assassinations and unexpected journeys to other realms, ancient alliances crumble, while others change as swiftly as the tides. And when Evelyn discovers their victory depends on the retrieval of a soul stone, she must accept the possibility that not every witch is going to make it out alive--including herself.

The Soul Witch

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