The Supremacy Witch
A Keepers of Magic novel



Being exiled from her coven is the least of Evelyn's problems.

Although only passed her sixteenth summer, Evelyn is considered to be one of the most powerful witches in the entire realm. With her magic comes the honour of being chosen as the next coven leader. Unfortunately one unlawful use of magic costs her the life she always dreamed of.

But perhaps leaving her sheltered life behind was the best thing for her. As she sees the world of witches in a new light, she learns more about her own magic. Powers that go beyond those of even a Supremacy witch. Evelyn is a clairvoyant, a gift not many have come to possess. 


And thanks to the soul-selling shadow dealer known as The Eckle, Evelyn learns that witches from both sides are after her because of it. Now she is forced to make uncertain alliances with those wielding corrupt magic -- some of it being her own.



Author Marion Mavis does an excellent job of pulling the reader into the kingdom of Ezfaia. Evelyn takes us on a whirlwind adventure of love, betrayal, mystery, and magic that we aren't soon to forget.
                                                                   - Sydney, Amazon Review.
This book is thrilling, fast paced and highly entertaining! I was left turning the pages because I wanted to know what was next, what else I might discover about the world,or where and what the characters are up to.
                                                                 - Rebecca, Goodreads Review.
It has a mix of action, adventure, romance, evil people that you just want to strangle and hope they get what’s coming to them -- all the things you’d want to read in a Fantasy novel!
                                                            -TagenjiBooks, Amazon Review.

The Shadow Witch
A Keepers of Magic novel

TheShadowWitch_E-BookCover-LG (1).jpg


"Dark or light we're all the same--all capable of being good or evil."

Evelyn Emmerich and the remaining members of her coven vanish into the night and never look back. The ancient witch rings make them untraceable, keeping them safe from Celine's wrath--for now. Their quest to find the three missing Keepers begins in Serila.

But travelling to an entirely new empire is not as easy as it seems. Against her better judgement, Evelyn separates from the coven hoping it'll protect them. To make matters worse, she's vulnerable without the ring on. And the longer Evelyn's alone, the further she falls into darkness. Nothing good comes with the Shadow Witch feels threatened.

Meanwhile, Evelyn's coven mates sneak into the enemy's fortress, taking every opportunity to learn their secrets. As things start to fall into place, both Mavrik and Jackson discover just how dangerous the Elder leaders can be.

With Celine on the hunt, Evelyn knows she's running out of time, forcing her to choose between the salvation of the kingdoms or the preservation of her corrupting soul...



As we continue to follow Evelyn’s story for peace, justice, and redemption, all the beloved characters from book one continue to grow; fueling one another and their bonds of love and friendship. 
                                                                   - Sydney, Amazon Review.
I loved the character dynamics and the development of Evelyn as a leader. She is a strong female lead and her character is so well written! The world that Marion has created within these pages is phenomenal and I can't wait to see what's in the final installment of the trilogy. 

                                                            -Genevieve, Goodreads Review.